1. Dato’ Ir. Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Jaafar – Visiting Professor and Co-Chair, UTM OTEC Research Group [e-mail:]

2. Prof. Dr. Md Nor Musa – Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Director of UTM OTEC, and Co-Chair, UTM OTEC Research Group

3. Prof. Dr. Shirakashi Masataka-Professor in Mechanical Engineering

4. Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Maulud Abdul Latif – Professor in Engineering Finance

5. Dr. Nor Azizi Bin Othman – Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

6. Dr. Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Bin Shaikh Salim – Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

7. Dr. Saad A. Abbas-Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

8. Asc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin Abdul Rachman– Asc. Professor in Mechanical Engineering

9. Dr. Azran Azhim Noor Azmi – Senior Lecturer in BioMedical Engineering

10. Dr. Shamsul Sarip – Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

11.  Dr Mohd Yusof Md Daud– Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

12. Dr. Mohamed Sukri Mat Ali – Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

13. Dr. Sa’ardin Abdul Aziz – Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

14. Dr Noor Irza binti Mohd Zaki – Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering

15. Dr Mohd Khairi Abu Husain – Senior Lecturer in Civil Engineering

16. Dr. Shuib Rambat-Senior Lecturer in Remote Sensing

17. Siti Norsalihin Binti Hj Md Radzi-Assistant Research Officer

18. Norazreen Samsuri – Student

19. Marziah Hj. Zahar – Student

20. Anika Hossain – Student


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