Looking for team to join Research Themes:

1) Security:-





2) Human Health :-


-Clinical Study (e.g: Pathology, Blood, Anatomy, etc)

3) Environment


-Marine taxonomy


-Climate change-Carbon footprint

-Environment Impact Assessment

4) Economic Sector:-

-TransportationMarine transport

– Hydrogen Fuel Electric Vehicle

-Urbanisation -Eco-Marine City 

5) Commodities:-

-Marine culture


-Fugu Fish

*Scope of OTEC Research (2 Types):-

1)Deep Sea Water (DSW) OTEC

2)Shallow Sea Water (SSW)-Solar Thermal Assisted OTEC

New Research Areas:-


Upstream Activities



 Concession Area of OTEC Dato’ Ir. Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Jaafar , Prof. Dr. Md Nor Musa


 Feasibility of techno-economy    for OTEC plant Finance Prof. Dr. Ir. Maulud Hj.Latif Dato’ Ir. Prof. Dr. Abu Bakar Jaafar , Prof. Dr. Md Nor Musa


 Project management (technical aspect) for offshore oil and gas To implement offshore management at oil and gas plant for OTEC plant Dr. Mohd Khairi Abu Husain, Dr. Noor Irza Mohd Zaki


 Wind effect on OTEC plant Uehara Cycle

 Working fluids

Dr. Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Bin Shaikh Salim


 Assessment on OTEC plant Compressor

 OTEC potential

Dr. Mohamed Sukri Mat Ali


 Production of fresh water Product from OTEC plant Dr. Azran Azhim Noor Azmi


 Pipe structure (HDPE pipe diameter = 3m) Marine structure Prof. Dr. Masataka Shirakashi


 Material selection on heat exchanger The selection of membranes type Dr. Sa’ardin Abdul Aziz, Dr. Mohd Yusof Md. Daud


 Hydrogen production Asc. Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahyuddin Abdul Rachman


 Hydrogen storage Design of storage tank

 Hydrogen in liquid form

 Turbine

Dr. Shamsul Sarip


 Feasibility study of OTEC power plant The specific potential area at Sabah Trough

 Weather and waves pattern at Sabah Trough

Dr. Shuib Rambat


Published Article:-

  1. The MalaysianFifthFuelPolicy:Re-strategisingtheMalaysianRenewable Energy  Initiatives
  2. Institute of Hydrogen Economy
  3. Structuring financially viable renewable energy projects using the MAL Cost Efficiency Model.

Current Research:-

  1. Environment Impact Assessment in Sabah Trough for Implementing An Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant.
  2. Thermodynamic and Heat Transfer Analysis on Uehara Cycle for OTEC Plant Maximum Performance. Norazreen
  3. An Attempt to Imitate the Composition of ZamZam Water (ZZW) by Processing Deep Sea Water (DSW). Anika
  4. Hydrogen Fuel Cell power generation for Strategic Facilities eg Hospital Operating Theater, Radar Station etc

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